Why did I want to start a revolution? Why did I want to poison the earth? Why did I want to kill everyone? Why did I do the things I did? So, the earth can be reborn.

I am from Ontario, Canada and when I was just a child, we moved to an apartment building. Outside of my bedroom window there was one tree, it was a Paw Paw tree. That tree is where my family would have picnics, that is where my dad taught me how to play catch for the first time and that tree is where my hatred started.

My father was in the Military and being Canadian we don’t fight wars just for money. We fight in wars to help countries that cannot help themselves, or at least that is what they want to teach you. Back in the early 1900’s, there were the first 2 world wars. Both times Canada fought because it was the right thing to do. But when I was a kid, they called it peace keeping.

My dad was on a peace keeping mission, it is funny how on a peace keeping mission they carried guns. My dad taught me when I was very young to use my words not my fists. Yet he was a hypocrite, when he was peace keeping, he used his gun. One day my mom sat me down and told me my dad was killed. She tried to make me proud of him and I was for a long time. Every time I looked out at that tree it brought back fond memories.

One day when I was looking out the window someone was cutting down my tree, I ran outside asking the man what he was doing. He told me the tree was dead, they were taking it down before it fell down. I guess I never noticed that the leaves did not come back that spring. I asked him how does a tree just die? He said with all the new buildings going up it was just not getting enough sunlight and all the pollution from the factories. He told me it was his job to take down dead trees for the city. He also told me he has never seen so many dead trees in the past few years, the world must be changing.

People will never learn, they don’t learn from their mistakes, they don’t learn from history. All you need to do is go on to a computer and you can find anything you want. The earth is being polluted everyday but this isn’t a new thing, people have been talking about this forever. Just look back at how much plastic is in the ocean, they make plastic but they don’t know how to get rid of it so they simply throw it away. Batteries for cellphones, everyone needs their phone. Then they simply throw it away. Something new is designed and before they know how to get rid of it, they mass produce it.

Let’s remember back to 2020 and the pandemic, that is when I really started putting it together just like over fishing the oceans. The fish that we do catch are now poisoned, factory farming is leaving a large footprint. One of the things I have noticed when the world shut down, pollution in the skies thinned out and waters cleared up.

That is when it came to me, all that the earth needs is a break. Everyone seen it back then but after a few years there was even more pollution. So, if the people will not stop the pollution, I will simply stop the people. It was as simple as turning on my computer and looking at the jet stream and the ocean currants. If somebody released a poison five different places around the earth it would circulate the planet in no time, killing off everyone.

Then the planet would have time to rest, earth would be reborn. The first time I posted anonymously about my thoughts I simply signed it with an “R” and to my surprise I had a lot of likes and comments about people thinking the same thing. I commented a few more times and the movement begun. Before I knew it, there were people commenting about what kind of chemicals would work and where to get them. Breaking into laboratories wasn’t as hard as I thought, by this time I had my followers do it all. That is when I met the smartest person I have ever known. He was able to do things with a computer and the world wide web. Multiple governments were trying to find me because I became a national threat. He could hide where my messages where coming from he swore they would never find out and they didn’t. Every time I released one of my video messages, before they took it down it was shared millions of times.

My message was getting out. So now you know what Paw Paw means. PEOPLE AGAINST WORLD POLLUTION AIR WATER And you know it all started from that tree outside my bedroom window.

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