In the Dormancy world there are bad people, one of those bad people put a plan in motion. It was to destroy the population to save the world. The world population had to save themselves, so they went dormant.

You do know that you need to survive. You will need to eat, learn new abilities and find new resources to live, to survive, to THRIVE. Survival of the new world depends on you.

Southern Ontario Public Broadcast - Reclaimed Footage

The Manifesto

Why did I want to start a revolution? Why did I want to poison the earth? Why did I want to kill everyone? Why did I do the things I did? So, the earth can be reborn.

I am from Ontario, Canada and when I was just a child, we moved to an apartment building. Outside of my bedroom window there was one tree, it was a Paw Paw tree. That tree is where my family would have picnics, that is where my dad taught me how to play catch for the first time and that tree is where my hatred started.

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