What is Dormancy Larp?

Dormancy larp is set in the future after the world suffered a chemical attack which poisoned the air and water. At the time of the attack people of earth had to go dormant until the earth cleansed itself again. One of the ways people did this was cryogenics. Freezing their bodies only hoping to wake up when things were back to normal. Some governments hand picked certain individuals to be the first frozen for different reasons. Some reasons they were picked were because of their mind, being leaders in their fields like science and mathematics. Others were chosen simply because of their stature. Who they are, not what they did. Then there are the private companies, if you had money you could buy yourself a place in their lab. The government and private labs have computer programs put in place to wake people up when the earth was safe. They would wake up small groups of people at certain times.

Things you know going into Dormancy larp.

You will be waking up into a new world. There is still poison in the air, if you stay out too long you will die. You will have to wear a respirator to prolong your adventures outside the clean air bubbles.

Speaking of bubbles, when you wake up you will be in a clean air bubble. You will not know how long the bubble will last. You will need to rebuild civilization but to do so you will have to start by simply surviving the environment.

You will need to eat, but where will the food come from? You will have to search your surroundings which will all be in the poison gas.

What happens if there are things that want to hurt you? You will have to pick up weapons like baseball bats or guns to defend yourself.

What happens when someone gets hurt? Hopefully someone knows something about being a doctor.

One of the biggest draw backs of being frozen, when you unthaw you do not know how to use any of your life skills that you have learnt. For whatever reason everything is lost. You do have some memories of people and places.

The cryogenic pods that you were frozen in have a built-in computer system. It can be programed to teach each individual different things. The basic program built in to the computer in every pod is to read and write English.

There are only so many programs available to learn, unless on one of the adventures you find something new. The second draw back of being frozen, you can only stay awake for a certain amount of time before you have to go dormant again. This is something you will have to work on. The good news of going dormant again is you will be able to learn more things. When the computer system thinks it is safe you will awake again.

So, if you think you are ready for a brand-new adventure come to Dormancy Larp where it’s us against the world!